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Tebriz - SANLM - 22 May 2006

1) Aims and duties:
SANLM is the organization which will struggle for saving turkish people of South Azerbaijan from the yoke of persian chauvinism, for putting into practice their national and personal freedom, civil rights according to the international laws.
1.2. SANLM will act in mutual relations with democratic international organizations and other national forces of liberation preserving its political organization independence.
1.3. The sacred duty of SANLM is to put into Practice aims shown in the program according to its charter.

2) The membership in SANLM:
Every turkish of the legal age who accepts the program and charter of SANLM and takes an activity part in the activity for national liberation of the turkish people of South Azerbaijan can be the member of SANLM notwithstanding religion and sex.
2.2. The person who addresses a local committee with application for being a member of SANLM can be a member in case of collecting vote for in number 50%+ 1 in the discussion of 50% committee members.
2.3. Persons who act against regulations or program, who refuses to take part in the measures of movement without valid reasons according to the decision of the local committee will be excluded. 
2.4. Every member of the movement can be free from the membership addressing to the committee in a written form.
2.5. Organizations defends the rights of the members, if they are infringed.

3) Organization structure of SANLM:
Leading organs of SANLM are:
-Central committee
3.2. Superior ruling organ of SANLM is congress
-Congress is held once in every 5 years.
-Extraordinary congress can be held according to the decision of the committee and the leader or the signature of 1/3 of the members of SANLM if the matters not belonging to the power of the committee and the leader appear.
-Congress elects ruling staff, leader and his first assistant.
-Congress makes changes in the program and charter of the movement.
-The decisions of the congress are considered to be admitted if 2/3 of the representatives take part in the voting and 50%+1 vote for.
3.3. Committees are founded in the towns with dense population by areas.
-Leaders of the town committee are appointed among elected members of the committee according to the leader's decision of the central committee.
The committee leaders of Tabriz, Ardabil, Ourmiya, Karaj, Gazvin, Miyandab, Binab, Parsabad, Zanjan and other towns are appointed by the central committee leader notwithstanding being voted for the membership or not.
-Leaders of the town committee obey the leader of the central committee.
-Decisions of the committee are cosidered to be accepted if 2/3 of the committee members take part in the voting and collect 50%+1 vote.
-Decision of the town committees can be carried out after committee leader's confirmation.
-Measures determined by the central committe must be executed by the committees without any conditions.
3.4. The leader of the central committee manages to put into practice decisions of the congress and program according to Charter on the whole during the intervals between congresses.
-Leader of the central committee can confirm and cancel decisions of town committees.
-Leader of the central committee represents SANLM, makes agreements with foreign countries, international and other organizations, makes declarations.
-Leader of the central committee carries out other powers according to Charter and program.

4) Juridical principles of SANLM:
The totalitarian regime of persian chauvinism in Iran depriving turkish people who are majority even of the rights of minorities infringes symbolic rights shown in Iran's constitution brutally.
The 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27 and 29th points of "General decree of human rights", the 73rd article, point (A), the 55th article of the UNO constitution, point (B) of the section "Right of freedom" of "General decree of human rights", (V) point of the section "Right of the justice", the 3rd article, point 9 and 15th article of the constitution of Iranian Islamic Republic being infringed brutally, "The right of nations to self-determination" are juridical principles of SANLM in the sacred struggle for freedom.

5) The property of SANLM and membership free:
5.1. Property and source of financial provision are Kept in secret because of acting illegally on conditions of the totalitarian regime of Iranian State.
5.2. Concrete rules for the sum of the membership fee, its collection and expense are determined by the town committees according to the special instruction of the central committee.

The leaders of SANLM must resign from his post in the organization in case of being elected to the state post.
2) After South Azerbaijan gets freedom the Constitution of SANLM will be looked through again, and will be more democratic.

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