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Tebriz - SANLM - 22 May 2006

Turks who live inside the geographical territory called Iran always underwent social and national pressures by official Tehran for their being considered minority notwithstanding of being majority among the population who live there.
Turks of Iran are even deprived of the right for “minorities” shown in the constitution of the country. Analytical Information Centre of SANLM managed to get statistic information about the population of Iran which was always hidden by official Tehran.
According to the information given bellow Turks are the majority among today’s population of Iran:
1. Azerbaijanian turks: 29.000 000, 41, 42% of the population of the country.
2. Gashgay turks: 2.000 000, 2.85% of the population of the country.
3. Turkmans: 3.000 000, 4.28% of he population of the country.
4. Persians and ethnic groups: 22.000 000, 31.42% of the population of the country.
5. Kurds: 7.500 000, 10.71% of the population of the country.
6. Arabs: 3.500 000, 500% of the population of the country.
7. Beluges: 2.400 000, 3.42% of the population of the country.
8. Jewish, sourany, Zardousht and armenians: 600. 000, 0.85% of the population of the country.

Explanation (1): 
The number of the turkish speaking citizens being 34.000 000 altogether according to the data given above is 48.57% of the population of Iran.

Explanation (2): 
Talish, Gilac, Tat, Bakhtiyari, Lor etc. belong to Persians.

According to the information given by the State Committee of Statistics of Iran the number of the population of the country will increase till 15.000 000. According to that information Iran has got 19.000 000 young people and takes 3rd place among the countries of the world for having this number of the young people.

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