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Tebriz - SANLM - 22 May 2006
   From the black pages of Azerbaijanian history:


(The list of the lost areas in the course of history in chronological sequence)

Səfəvi imperiyası

Mosoul, Karkouk, Arbil, Souleymaniya situated in the South-West of Azerbaijan belonged to Osmanlu empire after the war between Saphavi and Osmanlu States in 1534 and according to the agreement signed on the 5th of harizan 1926 between Turkey and England, Mosoul, Karkouk, Arbil, Souleymaniya were given to Irak.

After the main bay of Ganja Javad Khan Ziyad oglu objected to Nadirs being an announced shah in Mougan in 1736 nadir shah separated Borchalu and Gazakh from Ganja and gave to Kartley-Kakhety kingdom as a present, but later in 1801, according to Georgievski agreement signed between Georgia and Russia, Georgia and Borchalu were joined Russia.

As a result of two agreements Gouloustan and Tourkmanchy in 1813 the area of Azerbaijan with 130 thousand square kilometres in the north of Araz including Darband becomes Russia’s colony. In this period for increasing the persentage of the christian populations in the territories which were considered colonies 45 thousand armenians from Gajar and Osmanlu States were settled in Nakhchivan, Iravan, Garabagh and other areas. In the territories of Azerbaijan in the north of Araz Gajar Turkish state was existing.

As a result of dividing the part of Azerbaijan, which was under Russian oppression, into provinces during the reform held in 1840 Darband, Altuparun, Akhtu, Doggouzparun, Gaytaq and other nearby regions with the territory of 7 thousand square km joined Dagistan.

According to the division held in 1906 Azerbaijan territories in the South of Araz were divided into to parts; Eastern Azerbaijan with the capital Tabriz and the Western Azerbaijan with the capital Ourmiya.

On the 29th of May in 1918 the government of Azerbaijan under pressure of Russia takes a decision about giving most part province of Iravan to armenians.

In 1920 Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was formed in one part of Azerbaijan which was occupied by Russian Soviet empire. According to the declaration of the 1st of December 1920 one part of Zangazour (4505 sq km) Gaphan, Gorous, Sisyan and Mougrou joined Armenia.

In the middle of 1920’s a part of the districts Ordoubad, Shahbouz, Sharour were joined Armanian’s territory.

In 1922 Daralayaz was given to armenians.

Nahchivan was separated from other districts as a result of Aldara, Lehvaz, Astazour, Nouvadi and other villages being given to Armenia and district Mehri being formed in this area in 1929-1930.
In 1934 in the territories of Azerbaijan in the South of Araz Gajar Turkish State was overthrown by Pahlavys and as a result of it persians become ruling nation there. So these territories of Azerbaijan remain under oppression of persians.

On the 5th of March in 1938 territories round Sadarak and Karki were given to armenians.

In 1938 Zanjan and nearby villages were separated from Eastern Azerbaijan and an independent province was formed there.

After National movement in Azerbaijan in 1943 Kurds taking advantage of the situation formed independent Kurdish State in Maraga, Siniqqala, Hamadan, Sanandaj and other territories. After the revolution failed Kurdish region was formed in these territories.

In 1952 Gilan and nearby villages were separated from Azerbaijan and Gillan region was formed.

In 1954 Astara and its villages being separated from Eastern Azerbaijan were joined Gillan region.

In the middle of 1980’s some parts of the villages Kotam and Killid of Ordoubad were given to Armenia.

In 1982 Kamarlu, Aslanbaylu and Gaymaglu villages together with the village Injadara of Gazakh were joined Armenia.

According to the division of 1984 Azerbaijan territories which were under persian oppression were divided into the following areas: Eastern Azerbaijan (67100 sq km), Western Azerbaijan (43700 sq km), Gilan, Zanjan, Sangandaj, Hamadan, Tehran, Mazandaran, Kermanshah, Khourramapad, Ilam Ahvaz (169.200 sq km).

1988-1994 are the years of mountainous Garabagh being captured. Captured territories in this period are 4400 sq km:
Khojalu-26 february 1992
Shousha-1 may 1992 
Lachun-17 may 1992
Kalbajar-3-4 april 1993
Agdara-17 june 1993
Agdam-23 july 1993 
Jabrail-18 august 1993 
Fizhouli-23 august 1993
Goubadlu-31 august 1993
Zangilan-30 october 1993

Compiler: Farah Jabbar gizi (Member of CAMAH [SANLM])

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